Private lessons
skiing and snowboarding

Personal instruction for you

During a private skiing or snowboarding lesson at De Uithof you will get personal and professional guidance at your own level. Together with your own instructor you will work on your skills and technique. Each lesson you will get closer to the goals you set. And who knows? Maybe in the nearby future you will shine on the slopes and ski or snowboard like a pro.

For who
Skiing from 3 years up
Snowboarding from 6 years up

Private lesson: 1 to 4
Private lesson plus: 3 and 4
see our ski levels and snowboard levels

Group size
Private lesson: 1-3 people, *it is possible to extend the group up to 5 people.
Private lesson plus: 1-2 people.

A private lesson can be booked during the opening hours of the snow hall.

Private lesson: €45,- per hour per instructor (*For person 4-5, the costs are €8,- p.p. extra)
The price for the private lesson does not include entrance to the ski hall and materials. A helmet is included in the price.