Skating school De Uithof

About our Skating School

Learning to skate? Or do you want to go through the turn even faster? Schaatsschool De Uithof offers various courses at De Uithof.

Skating School Levels

Our skating school is for everyone. At Schaatsschool De Uithof you start as a beginner, but also if you want to refine your technique.

Below you will find the skating levels of Schaatsschool De Uithof:

Start level
This is the level for the beginner.
You can not stand on the ice skates on the ice.

Level 1
At level 1 you can get the ice on the skates.
No skating technique, but it can come forward.

Level 2
Can already turn off sideways in the skating posture.
Can brake and speed up.

Level 3
Has the skating position under control.
Turn off sideways. Has a relaxed catch. Can continue to glide straight on one leg.
Has mastered the arm movement.

Level 4
Knows the principles of the turn but loses speed.
Can ride a round. Can ride a steigerung.

Level 5
Has the turn under control and can also make speed there.
Can ride at least 5 rounds together. Ride it in the skating position with the arm movement.

Level 6
This is a training level for people with good technique.
High speed in the turn is no problem.
Race off and ride rounds for longer.
All this while retaining technique

Level 7
This is a match level group.