Weissensee course


Do you want to go well prepared to the alternative Eleven Cities Tour on the Austrian Weissensee? We will prepare you in 15 lessons! The emphasis will be on the physical aspect. You will receive a thorough week scheme with different kind of training sessions .

It’s obviously not mandatory to go to the Weissensee. This course is also excellent for other longer skating tours! With this training scheme and the ice training sessions you work on your physical condition so skating longer tours will get easier.

The lessons will start at the beginning of October and will continue until the Weissensee (with the exception of the week between Christmas and New Year). When you have done the Weissensee there will be another optional 5 lessons to work a bit more on your technique.

Lesson moments Weissensee course

10:15-11:05 20:00-20:50 20:55-21:45

5 lessons after Weissensee

As soon as the skating rides on the Weissensee are finished, you can come and skate 5 more lessons with us to pick up the technique on the 400-meter track. Without having to pay attention to cracks in the ice. During these 5 lessons attention is paid to picking up the technique on artificial ice again by means of video analysis.

Soon we will announce the program for this and the registration form will appear on this page!


  • 15 lessons €215,- (excluding 5 lessons ‘After Weissensee’)
  • 20 lessons €280,- (including 5 lessons ‘After Weissensee’)

Attention: if you choose 15 lessons it’s still possible to book the After Weissensee at a later moment for €75,-.