Children's parties

Experience an awesome day with your friends at De Uithof! Sneaking through the Lasergame Arena or racing like a true Formula 1 driver on the spectacular go-kart track: De Uithof has it all! After the activity(s) you will get a delicious Kidsmeal Snuit in one of our cozy cafes.

More information?

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Good to know

  • Every party includes a Kidsmeal Snuit for every child
  • The birthday boy or girl may not be older than 12 years old
  • All parties are available for at least 6 children
  • The prices below are per child


Which party do you like the most?

Schaatsfeestje | Kinderfeestje | De UithofIce Skating Party

Go have fun with your friends on the skating rink or Funrink!

€ 9,95 per child – unlimited ice skating – excluding skates 



Ice Games | Kinderfeestje | De UithofIce Games Party

Real old Dutch games with lots of fun! Those are the Ice Games at De Uithof. Everyone can participate in activities such as sledding, shuffling and target shooting. It’s not surprising that this package is very popular!

€ 18,50 per child – 1 hour ice games



IJshockey Feestje | Kinderfeestje | De UithofIce Hockey Party

Spectacle on ice! With an Ice Hockey party the kids get a clinic to get to know ice hockey. Suits, helmets, a puck and a stick make this sport fun and possible for everyone!

€ 18,50 per child -1,5 hour ice hockey clinic


Winter Sports Party

Skiing, Snowboarding and also Ice Skating! That’s all possible during your party at De Uithof. Enjoy an hour of snow fun and an unlimited time of Ice Skating on the skating rink.

€ 24,95 per child – including equipment rental for the snow track, excluding skates


Wintersportfeestje | Kinderfeestje | De UithofSnow Party

Enjoy the snow track during your party! Come to De Uithof to Ski or Snowboard and make beautiful jumps or go down without falling.

€ 19,95 per child – including equipment



Kart Party

You are a speed devil and you love a challenge. Together with your friends you are gonna find out who of you is the fastest on our track. Of course it’s you, right?! Race two heats around our track!

€ 19,95 per child – 2 x 8 minutes of karting



Laser Tag Party

This party is for the real gamers out there! Come to De Uithof and play two missons of laser tag with your friends. You will get split up in teams and challenge each other . Does your team score the most points?

€ 18,95 per child – 2 x 12 minutes of laser tag



Kart and Laser Tag Party

Are you an all-round gamer? Can you accelerate on the kart track and will you be the king with a laser? Then this package is perfect for your party!

€ 19.95 per child – 1 x 8 minutes of karting, 1 x 12 minutes of laser tag

€ 26, 95 per child – 2x 8 minutes of karting, 1x 12 minutes of laser tag


Active Game Party

Do you want to play bungee soccer or do you want to go sumo wrestling? The choice is yours! Sumo wrestling will garantee laughter. With a big suit on you will try to push your opponent of the mat. With bungee soccer you will get strapped into a harness with an elastic cord. If you run to far you will be bounced back!

€ 9.95 per child – 1 x 30 minutes bungee soccer or sumo wrestling



Active Game and Laser Tag Party

Do you want an active party? Go play laser tag and play an active game of sumo wrestling or bungeesoccer.

€ 16,95 per child – 1x 30 minutes sumo wrestling or bungeesoccer and 1x 12 minutes laser tag