Our go-kart track

Our spectacular go-kart track, equipped with an exciting trail with tunnels, a hill, a dome and two hairpins, is specially designed for you! Everyone, from novice to professional karter, can come to us.

We are a green organization and we have fully adjusted our go-karts. Our go-karts are electric, which means they do not give harmful emissions. This gives go-karting a new spectacular dimension and is therefore a climate-neutral activity. Suitable for everyone!

Safety is our top priority. That is why we use various safety rules including:

The mandatory wearing of a body protector for children:

  • A neck collar for all drivers
  • Periodically inspected safety helmets.
  • We also oblige to cover long  hair under the helmet or a garment and open footwear is not allowed.

Our crew is regularly trained by us and is aware of all safety aspects.

All go-karts are maintained by our own technicians. Because of this we always know what happens to the go-karts and we ensure the highest possible quality of the go-karts. This is how you can experience the ultimate racing feeling at De Uithof.

Children and adults ride in the same go-karts at De Uithof, but there is definitely a difference in speed. The chairs and pedals of the go-karts are adjustable and for the little ones we use extra insert seats. Through an application on the electric go-karts, they can be set to a lower power by a remote control. This is to offer your children a spectacular racing experience in the safest way possible.

An additional advantage of our electric go-karts is that they can not only move forward, but also backwards. You no longer have to wait for the staff to get you back on track. This is how we give you the best karting experience.