Go-karting courses

Children’s courses

Race better than your idol!

Do you want to become as good as your race idol? That is possible at the kart track of De Uithof! We offer courses on four different days, all of which are supervised by professional karting instructors. During all lessons, a lot of attention is paid to practical exercises, but the theoretical knowledge is also considered.

Beginners course

Saturday morning 10: 15-11: 45 € 149, – for 5 lessons

Content course:

This course is designed to get to know the world of karting with ease. This includes the following: learning a correct racing attitude, discovering the braking points, ideal line driving and karting control.

Starting dates of the beginners courses in 2018:
25 August
6 October
17 November

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Advanced course

Wednesday evening 18: 00-19: 00 € 250, – for 10 (+1) lessons

If you have successfully completed the beginners course and want to develop yourself into a real racing driver, you can move on to the advanced course.

Content course:

During this course, the various aspects of racing will be discussed. We will learn how to overtake with you and how to drive defensively (racing strategy), improving the ideal line, do exercises for an even better kart management and we will update your technical and theoretical knowledge. All this so that you can set fast lap times in qualifiers and finally win the race.

Expert course / Kart club

Sunday morning 10: 30-12: 00 € 250, – for 10 lessons


Our Expert course and our Kartclub run under the guidance and instruction of external kart instructors who are in possession of a KNAF license. After successful completion of the advanced course there is the possibility to transfer to the Expert course and then after obtaining your diploma Kart club member.

Content Expert course:

Everything that you have learned so far in the previous courses will be fine-tuned and extra attention will be paid to the perfect sitting posture, concentration, catch-up exercises and fast lap times. The course consists of practice and theory, the theoretical part consists of, among other things, racing and flags.

Contents Kartclub course:

You have completed the Expert course and in consultation with the instructors you can move on to the Kartclub. Here you will be guided further when overtaking at high speed, avoidance maneuvers, driving different lines, drift / steering technique but also race tactics and much more.

During this course you can obtain the license to race professionally.

At the Kartclub course there are 4 exam days per year which dates are determined, costs for the exam are € 30, – including diploma. Examinations take place in consultation with the instructors.

Adult course

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month 20: 30-22: 00 € 32.50 per lesson

For adults we have courses every third Tuesdayevening of the month. During this course you will improve your racing skills. This course is also supervised by external kart instructors who are in possession of a KNAF license. And in addition to all professional guidance and racing violence, there is certainly roomto relax and have fun.


Prizes from 1 January 2019:

Beginners      175,00 5 lessons from 1,5 hours
Advanced      265,00 11 lessons from 1 hours
Expert      265,00 10 lessons from 1,5 hours
Clinic         35,00 for 1,5 hours

For more information or to register for one of the other courses, please send an e-mail to kartbaan@deuithof.nl